Element 1

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Element 1 - Leadership and Accountability:

People at all levels in the BP organisation are responsible for leading and engaging the workforce 18 in meeting our health, safety, technical integrity and environmental goals and objectives. Leaders will be held accountable for accomplishing this by demonstrating correct HSE behaviours, by clearly defining HSE roles and responsibilities, by providing needed resources, and by measuring, reviewing and continuously improving our HSE performance.

Expectation 1.1
Leaders model positive HSE behaviours by personal example both on and off the job, and reinforce and reward positive behaviours.
Expectation 1.2
Leaders engage in clear, two-way communication with employees, contractors and others on HSE issues.
Expectation 1.3
Leaders integrate the HSE Expectations into business planning and decision making processes, ensuring that documented systems are in place to deliver these Expectations.
Expectation 1.4
Leaders establish clear HSE goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities, performance measures and allocate competent resources and, where necessary, specialist expertise.
Expectation 1.5
HSE Management systems are developed, documented, implemented & supported throughout the organisation. These address health, safety, technical integrity, environmental, security, product & operational risks in accordance with the appropriate expectations.
Expectation 1.6
Leaders' HSE performance is assessed against their annual objectives, based on feedback from line management, peers and others in the Business Unit.
Expectation 1.7
Leaders integrate Group HSE targets into their business activities. (These include, for example, external verifications, climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity, and emissions reductions.)
Expectation 1.8
Leaders promote the sharing of HSE lessons learned inside and outside their Business Unit.