Element 11

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Element 11 - Crisis & Emergency Management:

Emergency management plans will be maintained to cover all of our facilities, locations and products. These plans will identify equipment, training and personnel necessary to protect the workforce, customers, public, and BP's reputation in the event of an incident.

Expectation 11.1
Emergency management plans are based on the risks that potentially impact the business. These plans are documented, accessible, clearly communicated and align to the BP Group's emergency management system.
Expectation 11.2
Equipment, facilities and personnel needed for emergency response are identified, tested and available.
Expectation 11.3
Personnel are trained and understand emergency plans, their roles and responsibilities, and the use of crisis management tools and resources.
Expectation 11.4
Drills and exercises are conducted to assess and improve emergency response/ crisis management capabilities, including liaison with and involvement of external organisations.
Expectation 11.5
Periodic updates of plans and training are used to incorporate lessons learned from previous incidents and exercises.