Element 12

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Element 12 - Incidents Analysis & Prevention:

Incidents will be reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence and improve our performance. Our investigations will focus on root causes and/ or system failures. Corrective actions and preventive measures will be utilized to reduce future injuries and losses.

Expectation 12.1
All health, safety, technical integrity, security and environmental incidents, including near misses, are openly reported, investigated, analysed and documented.
Expectation 12.2
Major incidents are investigated by a multi-function/level team with participation and leadership from outside the Business Unit.
Expectation 12.3
Incident investigations, including identification of root causes and preventive actions, are documented and closed-out.
Expectation 12.4
Information gathered from incident investigations is analysed to identify and monitor trends and develop prevention programmes.
Expectation 12.5
Lessons learned from investigations are shared across BP and personnel take appropriate action upon receipt of such information.
Expectation 12.6
Mutual sharing of lessons learned and good practice is encouraged within the wider energy and chemical industry.