Element 13

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Element 13 - Assessment, Assurance & Improvement:

We will periodically assess the implementation of and compliance with these Expectations to assure ourselves and stakeholders that management processes are in place and working effectively. This will involve both internal self-assessments, and appropriate external assessments. We will use this information to improve our performance and processes.

Expectation 13.1
HSE performance indicators (both inputs and outcomes) are established, communicated and understood throughout the organisation.
Expectation 13.2
The workforce is actively involved in periodic self-assessments of the effectiveness of processes and procedures to meet the HSE Expectations.
Expectation 13.3
HSE performance indicators are regularly used to determine when and what management system changes are necessary. When changes occur in one HSE Element the impact on the entire management system is evaluated.
Expectation 13.4
A system exists to continually improve HSE behaviours through observation, recording, and coaching.
Expectation 13.5
A documented, risk-based audit programme exists to periodically evaluate progress towards HSE targets, regulatory compliance, and the effectiveness of the Business Unit management system(s).
Expectation 13.6
The Business Unit, in co-operation with the audit team, plans audits which are objective and systematic. These are documented and conducted using expertise from inside and outside the unit.
Expectation 13.7
Findings from learning processes (eg audits, incident investigations, near misses, HAZOPS, etc.) are prioritised, tracked and used to systematically improve the HSE management system.
Expectation 13.8
The Business Unit leadership team reviews the management system to ensure it is continually delivering consistent, desired performance. Based on the review, new risk-based targets are considered and established wherever necessary.
Expectation 13.9
Business Units report HSE performance data, as part of the Group's HSE Reporting Requirements.
Expectation 13.10
A process is in place whereby assurance is regularly provided to the Chief Executive Officer demonstrating effective implementation of the BP HSE Commitment and Expectations. Annual self-assessments against these Expectations are carried out by each Business Unit, along with external audits at least every three years.