Element 2

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Element 2 - Risk Assessment and Management:

Management of risk is a continuous process and the cornerstone of all the HSE Elements. We will regularly identify the hazards and assess the risks associated with our activities. We will take appropriate action to manage the risks and hence prevent or reduce the impact of potential accidents or incidents.

Expectation 2.1
Leaders put into place and promote the use of processes to identify hazards associated with BP's activities, assess risks, control the hazards and manage the risks to acceptable levels.
Expectation 2.2
Potential hazards and risks to personnel, facilities, the public, customers and the environment are assessed for existing operations, products, business developments, acquisitions, modifications, new projects, closures, divestments and decommissionings.
Expectation 2.3
Assessed risks are addressed by levels of management appropriate to the nature and magnitude of the risk. Decisions are clearly documented and resulting actions implemented through local procedures.
Expectation 2.4
Risk assessments and risk management/control measures are referenced in project approval documentation.
Expectation 2.5
Risk assessments are updated at specified intervals and as changes are planned.