Element 3

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Element 3 - People, Training & Behaviors:

People's behavior is critical to BP's success; therefore, our workforce will be carefully selected and trained, and their skills and competencies regularly assessed.

Expectation 3.1
Employees and contractors practice, encourage, and reinforce safe, healthy and environmentally sound behaviours.
Expectation 3.2
HSE roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are developed and used to define individual performance targets. These are documented, and feedback on personal performance is provided.
Expectation 3.3
Recruitment, selection and placement processes ensure that personnel are qualified, competent, and physically and mentally fit for their assigned tasks.
Expectation 3.4
BP's workforce has the required skills and training to competently perform their tasks in a healthy, safe and environmentally sound manner. Training is evaluated to determine its effectiveness.
Expectation 3.5
With employees' involvement, physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psychological health hazards are identified and the risks managed in the workplace.
Expectation 3.6
Each worksite has access to an appropriate level of medical support and to resources/facilities that promote health and wellness.
Expectation 3.7
A programme is in place to ensure that the performance of our workforce and others on our premises is not impaired by drugs or alcohol.
Expectation 3.8
New or transferred employees, contractors and other visiting personnel undergo appropriate site orientation/induction training which covers HSE rules and emergency procedures.