Element 4

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Element 4 - Working with Contractors & Others:

Contractors, suppliers and others are key to our Group business performance and we will assess their capabilities and competencies to perform work on our behalf. We will work together with them to ensure our HSE Expectations are aligned. We will monitor contractors' and partners' performance and ensure our procurement processes contain the rigor to deliver our Expectations.

Expectation 4.1
Pre-qualification, selection and retention criteria are established for work performed by contractors, suppliers and others, including a system for assuring their compliance.
Expectation 4.2
Hazards and risks associated with contractor and procurement activities in our businesses are identified, managed and communicated.
Expectation 4.3
Interfaces between BP and suppliers of services and products are identified and effectively managed.
Expectation 4.4
Clear deliverables and performance standards are agreed to and systems are put in place to assure HSE and technical compliance.
Expectation 4.5
Purchased products and services are, where possible, verified as meeting national/international health, safety and environmental standards.
Expectation 4.6
Joint venture and alliance partners have HSE management systems that are aligned with those of BP, meet legal compliance requirements and satisfy the Group's Expectations and targets.