Element 5

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Element 5 - Facilities Design & Construction:

New facilities and modifications to existing facilities will be designed, procured, constructed and commissioned to enable safe, secure, healthy and environmentally sound performance throughout their operational life, by using recognized standards, procedures and management systems.

Expectation 5.1
Baseline technical, environmental and health data are collected before the development of any new operation, facility or major modification.
Expectation 5.2
Facilities are designed and constructed using technology which balances commercial risks and financial benefits to manage technical risk and minimise or eliminate emissions, discharges and other environmental impacts.
Expectation 5.3
Project mgmt. systems and procedures addressing technical integrity & HSE accountabilities are documented & well understood. Design, procurement & construction standards are formally approved by the designated technical/engineering authority. Formal design review, verification & validation studies are carried out based on risk assessment.
Expectation 5.4
Operational, maintenance and HSE expertise are integrated early in the project/design stage. Experience from previous projects and current operations is applied.
Expectation 5.5
Potential hazards are ident. & HSE risks assessed using appropriate tools (eg quantified risk assessments, HAZOP, & HSE reviews) at specific stages of a project from concept through to start-up, & risks are mitigated through risk mgmt. techniques.
Expectation 5.6
Deviations from design standards are identified and managed at an appropriate level, with the reasons documented and retained.
Expectation 5.7
Local regulatory requirements are met or exceeded. Where these are absent or inadequate, standards are set that protect people and the environment.
Expectation 5.8
Quality assurance and inspection systems are in place to ensure that facilities meet design and procurement specifications and that construction is in accordance with approved standards.
Expectation 5.9
Documented pre-startup reviews are carried out for all newly installed or modified equipment to confirm that construction is in accordance with design, all required verification testing is complete and acceptable, and all recommendations/deviations are closed and approved by the designated technical authority.