Element 6

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Element 6 - Operations & Maintenance:

Facilities will be operated and maintained within the current design envelope to ensure safe, secure, healthy and environmentally sound performance.

Expectation 6.1
Post-startup reviews are carried out for all newly installed or modified equipment to confirm that construction is in accordance with design, all required verification testing is complete and acceptable, and all recommendations/deviations are closed and approved by the designated technical authority.
Expectation 6.2
Applicable regulatory requirements are met or exceeded and operational/technical/mechanical integrity is maintained by use of clearly defined and documented operation, maintenance, inspection and corrosion control systems.
Expectation 6.3
Key operating parameters are established and regularly monitored. The workforce understands their roles and responsibilities to maintain operations within these parameters.
Expectation 6.4
Clearly defined start-up, operating, maintenance and shutdown procedures are in place with designated authorities identified (e.g. permit to work, hand-over, equipment and process isolation, etc.)
Expectation 6.5
Equipment that has been out of service for maintenance or modification is subject to documented inspection and testing prior to use.
Expectation 6.6
Reliability and availability of protective systems are maintained by appropriate testing and maintenance programs, including management of temporary disarming or deactivation.
Expectation 6.7
Risks introduced by simultaneous operations are assessed and managed.
Expectation 6.8
HSE impacts accosted with waste, emissions, noise, and energy use are monitored and minimized.
Expectation 6.9
Comprehensive waste management programs are in place to ensure that waste are minimized, re-used, recycled, or properly disposed of.
Expectation 6.10
Decommissioning, remediation and restoration plans are established using risk-based studies for end of life equipment/facilities.
Expectation 6.11
A quality assurance program exists to ensure that equipment replacement or modification maintains operations integrity.