Element 7

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Element 7 - Management of Change:

All temporary and permanent changes to organisation, personnel, systems, procedures, equipment, products, materials or substances will be evaluated and managed to ensure that health, safety and environmental risks arising from these changes remain at an acceptable level. We will comply with changes to laws and regulations and take account of new scientific evidence relating to HSE effects.

Expectation 7.1
The health, safety, security, environmental, technical and other impacts of temporary and permanent changes are formally assessed, managed, documented and approved.
Expectation 7.2
Changes in legal and regulatory requirements, technical codes, and knowledge of health and environmental effects, are tracked and appropriate changes implemented.
Expectation 7.3
Effects of change on the workforce/organisation, including training requirements, are assessed and managed.
Expectation 7.4
The impact on product quality of changes in manufacturing processes is assessed, associated hazards are evaluated and risks are controlled.
Expectation 7.5
The original scope and duration of temporary changes are not exceeded without review and approval.