Element 8

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Element 8 - Information & Documentation:

We will maintain accurate information on our operations and products. It will be held securely yet readily available.

Expectation 8.1
A system is in place to securely manage drawings, design data and other documentation, including definition of responsibilities for maintaining this information.
Expectation 8.2
Applicable regulations, permits, codes, standards and practices are identified. The resultant operating requirements are documented and communicated to the workforce.
Expectation 8.3
Pertinent records are maintained, available and retained as necessary. Obsolete documentation is identified and removed from circulation.
Expectation 8.4
Scope and format of technical documentation will be agreed for each facility and will form part of the design input for new facilities and modifications.
Expectation 8.5
Employee health, medical and occupational exposure records are maintained with appropriate confidentiality and retained as necessary.